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In the Spring of 2009, Baltia Air Lines plans to inaugurate non-stopservice between JFK and St. Petersburg.

The firstflight to St. Petersburg also marks the launching of an exciting new U.S. airline.

A grand inaugural event is planned for Baltia`s maiden flight consisting of a ceremony at JFK Airport including the christening of their aircraft, an exclusive maiden flight with 100 honor guests and 180 inaugural passengers, and a very special celebratory itinerary in St. Petersburg. The date of Baltia`s maiden flight will soon be announced.

It takes time to drive to the airport and checkin. In some cases, the trip can take longer than a domestic flight you`re on. But a trans-Atlantic flight is another story. You are on the plane for a good period of time. That`s why Baltia believes you should make the most of it. They`re totally dedicated to making your flight with them as relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

A fine dining experience can brighten anyone`s spirits. On Eastbound flights,your main course will be served shortly after take off and breakfast an hour before landing. On Westbound flights, Baltia will serve a continental lunch after take off, a mid-Atlantic lunch halfway across, and a New York deli meal an hour before landing.

Their First Class quarters are located in the front of the main deck of the aircraft. The First Class lounge is located on the Captain`s Deck. Dinner will be served by invitation on the Captain`s Deck in the
fashion of the grand trans-Atlantic ocean liners.

Arriving at an airport in an unfamiliar country where a foreign language is spoken can be a bit intimidating. But you will never feel alone when flying Baltia. Their courteous and attentive staff will always be there to greet you, guide you and help you get on your way to your next appointed destination.

The rooster is their symbol of reliability. Dating back to Roman times, a rooster was universally recognizedas a symbol of punctuality and dependability. For these same qualities, Baltia`s founder chose the rooster to represent their new airline.


One Company ? One Team
Baltia`s Route MapDestinations

Baltia travels to the following destinations:
St. Petersburg, Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Minsk, Kiev, Moscow, NewYork

St. PetersburgIn the Spring of 2009, Baltia Air Lines plans to inaugurate non-stopservice between JFK and St. Petersburg.
Our firstflight to St. Petersburg also marks the launching of an exciting new U.S. airline.

A grand inaugural event is planned for Baltia`smaiden flight consisting of a ceremony at JFK Airportincluding the christening of their aircraft, an exclusivemaiden flight with 100 honor guests and 180 inauguralpassengers, and a very special celebratory itineraryin St. Petersburg. The date of Baltia`s maidenflight will soon be announced.

City Facts

St. Petersburg is not only the largest city in Northern Europe with over five million residents, it`s the fourth largest city in all of Europe. In many respects unique to itself, St. Petersburg is on par or even surpasses the greatest of all European cities ? London, Paris and Rome.

Originally named in honor of St. Peter, the nameSt. Petersburg, coincidentally enough, must havepleased its founding father, tsar Peter the Great.Founded in 1703, Peter called the city "Russia`sWindow to the West.? Today,St.. Petersburg is a treasure of unparalleled proportionswith world-renowned theaters, palaces and museums,fine restaurants and outdoor cafés,and a myriad of elegant hotels.

With its beautiful crisscrossing rivers and canals,St, Petersburg is a masterpiece of Baroque architecturewith wide avenues and winding streets, 379 legendarybridges, over 1,000 major monuments and 19 theatersand concert halls. Among its rich array of culturalattractions are the Hermitage, Peter and Paul Cathedral,Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Isaac`s Cathedral, andMariinsky Theatre.

Over the centuries, St. Petersburg has served asan inspiration for such noted historical figuresas Rastrelli, Montferrand, Petipat, Tchaikovsky,Rubenstein, Musorgsky, Stravinsky, Prokofyev, Dostoyevsky,Pushkin, Tolstoy, and many other world-famous composers,painters, writers, poets and artists.

But St. Petersburg is much more than one of theworld`s leading culturalcenters. The city is also a major industrial, scientific and commercial hub ? with400 research institutes, 41 colleges, 787 libraries, 5 major shipyards and thousandsof factories, many with Western ties. What`s more,
St. Petersburg has beencalled Russia`s ?Silicon Valley? andhigh-tech center. The key role the city plays inthe economic, cultural and political developmentof the Russian Federation is undeniable.RigaIn 2009, Baltia Air Lines plans to inauguratenon-stop service between New York`s JFK airportand Riga. A grand inaugural gala is planned for theoccasion. In addition, Baltia intends to developits European hub of operations in Riga.

City Facts

With a population of one million, Riga is the capitalof Latvia as well as its cultural and academic centerwith 12 major theaters, 8 higher education centers and many research institutes.

Founded in 1201, Riga is also the primary
gateway of commerce and transportation to the Baltic States. Located on the scenic banks of the Daugava River at the Gulf of Riga, the city is the major commercial port on the Baltic Sea coast that remains navigable year round. Established as a center for high-tech industries, such as electronics and machine building, Riga has also developed over the years into a major banking center for the region.

On the cultural front, Riga is the home of manyspirited and joyous national festivities, includingits 800-Year Anniversary which was celebrated inAugust 2001. Walking through the city, you`llfeel like you`re travelingback in time. Its prominence in the Baltic regionis reflected in its ancient, well-preserved Gothicarchitecture. Today, you could park a car (only one)in the same ?garage? where Peter theGreat actually parked his carriage when he stayedin Riga. Plus, such notable Americans as Barishnikov,Godunov and Thal come from Riga, as well as the world-renownedconductor
Maris Jansons.

Riga is truly an elegant European City, consistingmostly of ?Art Nouveau? stylebuildings. Its sophisticated charm and many wonderfulparks,
shops, restaurants and cafes have made ita favorite, world-class destination of tourists andbusiness travelers alike.

LatviaLatvia is one of the three Baltic States that alsoinclude Estonia and Lithuania. The peopleof Latvia are well educated, skilled, and known fora very strong work ethic. They are commerciallyoriented and love to travel. The country also hasa vibrant economy with a stable

The Baltic States enjoy a high standard of living.When you compare such amenities as telephones perhousehold and
automobiles per capita, Latvia`s standardof living actually exceeded Japan`s (even duringthe Soviet era). Before that, Latvia and Switzerlandshared the highest standard of living in all of Europe.

MinskIn 2009, Baltia Air Lines plans to inaugurate non-stopservice between New York`s JFK airport andMinsk. An inaugural gala is planned to markthe occasion.

City Facts

Minsk is the capital of Belarus with a populationof nearly two million. First chronicled in 1067,
it`s a heritage-rich city that derived itsname from the Russian word ?mena? ? meaning ?change?.
And indeed, change is in the air for Minsk as itis poised to become a popular European destination.

Located in the central part of Europe, Minsk isat the crossroads of the Baltics, Poland, Russiaand the Ukraine. As a result, Belarusians have longplayed a prominent role in European history.
Anumber of American communities can also trace theirroots back to Belarus ancestry. It is noteworthyto mention that the U.S. national hero, Tadeusz Kosciuszko,who took part in the American War of Independence(1770-1774), was a Belarusian and a monument in hismemory stands today on Lafayette Square oppositethe U.S. White House.

The old quarters of Minsk ?Troyskaya Predmestye? datesback to the 16th century, and today, is beautifullyrestored to its original state. Minsk is also hometo many majestic and historic houses of worship whichstand in testament to the city`s diverse religiousculture, including Catholic, Russian Orthodox, Jewish,and Lutheran.

Other distinguished landmarks include the OperaHouse, Janki Kupli Theater of Drama, the Theaterof Light Opera, the Philharmonic, and the ConservatoryConcert Hall.

KievIn 2009, Baltia plans to inaugurate non-stop servicebetween New York`s JFK airport and Kiev.
An inaugural gala is planned for the occasion.

City Facts

Kiev in the capital of the Ukraine, and with threemillion residents, the third most populous city amongthe newly independent states.

Founded in 482 as the capital of Russia, Kiev islocated on the banks of the Dnepr River, a famedand busy commercial waterway which runs into theBlack Sea. The Vikings, who were among Russia`sfirst rulers, chose to conduct commerce of the timein Kiev which extended all the way to Greece.

In Kiev, you can see many spectacular architecturalmonuments dating back to the Byzantine period, includingnumerous churches, cathedrals, monasteries and ancientbuilding and fortress walls. Kiev`s Baroquestyle, which reached a climax in the 18th century,gives the city a distinctive old-world charm allits own.

Kiev is not only considered the cultural centerof the Ukraine, but its academic and industrial heartas well. In addition, it is the home of Eastern Europe`sworld-famous super soccer power,
Club Dynamo.

From Kiev, you can visit all points in the Ukraine,one of the largest nations in Europe with a populationof over 52 million (equivalent to Great Britain).An advanced industrialized nation with renowned machine-buildingand aerospace industries, the Ukraine has also becomea leading economic power.

MoscowIn 2009, Baltia plans to inaugurate non-stop servicebetween New York`s JFK airport and Moscow.An inaugural gala is planned for the occasion. Subsequently,Baltia plans to provide additional air service betweenMoscow and St. Petersburg, linking Baltia`s non-stopservice to Moscow with its non-stop flight to St.Petersburg. As a result, Baltia will offer two flightsdaily from JFK to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

City Facts

Founded in 1147, Moscow is one of the world`s trulygreat cities. In addition to being the capital ofRussia with nearly 9 million inhabitants, it`sa pre-eminent industrial, cultural, scientific and educational center with so much to see, do and experience.

?Today`s Moscow? is a vibrant,cosmopolitan city that continues to grow and improveby leaps and bounds. You can see and feel the excitementand invigoration on the street, in the subway, inthe residents` faces.Everywhere you look, new construction is blossoming on Moscow`slandscape, from new shopping malls and hotels torestaurants, cafes and cultural attractions.

In thecentral part of Moscow, you`ll find an eclecticblend of modern architecture with architecture datingback to the 15th century, including: Moscow Baroquestyle, the Classical period, and the revivalist OldRussian style. Arbat and Kutuzov Avenues remain thecity`smost famous streets, embodying much of Moscow`sold-world charm.

A distinctive pattern of rings and radials marksthe various stages in Moscow`s progression and evolutionas an urban hub. At the center is the world-renownedKremlin with the Red Square, followed by the BoulevardRing, the Garden Ring, the Little Ring Railway, andthe Ring Road. Within the Ring Road area alone, Moscowspans over 386 square miles. Beyond the Garden Ringis a middle zone, dominated by 18th and 19th centurybuildings, factories, railroad stations and freightyards. Part of the area outside the Garden Ring hasbeen designated a Forest-Park Zone or Greenbelt.In the 20th century, the outer zone has been thesite of modern factory development and extensivenew housing construction.

Moscow also has a great Metro (subway) system whichemulates the city`s street patterns and featuresa remarkable array of architecture in its plethoraof stations. Among the city`s most famous educational institutions are Moscow StateUniversity, the Timiryazev Academy of Agriculture, Tchaikovsky State Conservatoryand the Academy of Sciences. Some of the city`sbest-known theaters, museums and galleries are theBolshoi Theater, Little Theater, Theater of PerformingArts, the Kremlin, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, TretyakovGallery, and Andrei Rubliov Museum.

Moscow is also Russia`s leading transportationcenter with railroad lines radiating in all directionsto major residential and industrial centers in Russia,the Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States and the restof Europe. In addition, Moscow is a major river portserved by the Moscow Canal and various Volga canals,which link Moscow to the seas surrounding EuropeanRussia.

NewYorkAll Baltia flights originate and lead to New York.Baltia Air Lines is based at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK).

What`s special about that NewYork is Baltia`s home town and at home,Baltia really knows its way around! Which means Baltia can provide their passengers valuable recommendations,as well as assist them with hotels, restaurants,performances, and much more.

City Facts

New York City, also known as the ?Big Apple?,stands alone in the universe. No literary descriptionor statistical profile can convey the phenomenalsights, spirit and energy of the city. One must cometo New York and experience first-hand all that ithas to offer to truly know what makes it one of a kind.

New York is the primary gateway for most travelers into the United States of America. It is a fantastic destination in and of itself, but can also be the starting point of many other sensational travel opportunities in the U.S. Flying in StyleIt takes time to drive to the airport and checkin. In some cases, the trip can take longer tha a domestic flight you`re on. But a trans-Atlanticflight is another story. You are on the plane fo ra good period of time. That`s why Baltia believes you should make the most of it. They`re totally dedicated to making your flight with them as relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

B747 Comfort

Baltia has selected the four-engine Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet you`ll be flying on for good reason.
It is recognized by the flying public as the most comfortable among modern jetliners. Our B747 is ergonomically configured for spacious First Class, Business Class, and Voyager Class service.

Your Crew

Our courteous and attentive crew sets their in-flight service apart. Our personnel are selected for their attitude as well as professionalism. Each member of their flight team undergoes extensive initial and recurrent training with respect to both safety and service. The entire Baltia crew works as one to make your flight safe, punctual and enjoyable.

Our B747 jetliners are piloted by seasoned flightofficers. Our Captains, First Officers and FlightEngineers have extensive experience, with impeccablesafety and reliability records.
In addition to being knowledgeable about their destinations,their Stewards speak relevant languages and will seepersonally to your every need and comfort.


A fine dining experience can brighten anyone`s spirits. On Eastbound flights,your main course will be served shortly after take off and breakfast an hour before landing. On Westboundflights, Baltia will serve a continental lunch after take off, a mid-Atlantic lunch halfway across, and a New York deli meal an hour before landing.

They also offer snacks and refreshments in between your maincourses. Their Stewards will make sure you are never wanting and always satisfied.

First Class

You must experience Baltia`s First Class serviceto truly appreciate it.

Their First Class quarters are located in the frontof the main deck of the aircraft. The First Class lounge is located on the Captain`s Deck. Dinner will be served by invitation on the Captain`s Deck in the fashion of the grand trans-Atlantic ocean liners.

After dinner, you can relax in the luxury and quietof the main deck salon. If you choose to read, ouron-board library provides a great selection of notablebooks. A Steward will be at your service in an attentiveyet unobtrusive manner. Or, if you prefer, youcan also socialize with others in the First Classlounge on the Captain`s Deck.

Business Class

Baltia`s Business Class offers business travelers the relaxing atmosphere of a private club with all the respective amenities and accoutrements. Each seat in Business Class also offers laptop power and an Internet connection (also available in First Class).

Voyager Class®

Baltia`s Voyager Class is their most economical flight option. You`ll enjoy spacious and comfortable seating and attentive service that will make crossing the Atlantic an enjoyable and relaxing experience in its own right.


You can just sit back and relax in comfort, or choose a variety of wonderful entertainment options to helpkeep you busy and pass the time. On their wide-screenmonitors, you can watch the Baltia Journal (an informative program) as well as World News broadcasted live and brought to you in real time so you`re never out of touch with what`s going on around you.

You can also enjoy great feature-length movies and music available on their diversein-flight music channels.

They may have other surprises in store for you as well. For example, as part of Baltia`s ?Flying Celebrity Program?, you could be entertained by a special guest who will perform live on board. It`s all part of their commitment to help make flying with them as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

Baltia Magazine

Baltia Magazine is their monthly in-flight publication filled with fun, interesting information about their destinations as well as other general interest articles specially designed for the world traveler. You`llfind stories on fascinating people, exciting events,upcoming attractions and entertainment, plus handyand helpful listings for restaurants, hotels, theaters,museums and more. Please feel free to take a copy with you.

Irresistible Shopping

Buy a special gift for yourself or someone you care about. Baltia`s exclusive merchandise catalog makes it easy and convenient. You can also order items through their reservations department. Please feel free to take their in-flight catalog with you.

AtYour Destination
Baltia is there for you

Arriving at an airport in an unfamiliar country where a foreign language is spoken can be a bit intimidating. But you will never feel alone when flying Baltia. Their courteous and attentive staff will always be there to greet you, guide you and help you get on your way to your next appointed destination.

It is always wise to make your travel arrangements ahead of time through Baltia. But if an unexpected need arises or you decide to change or expand your itinerary, don`t worry. Baltia representatives will help you, making your trip smoother and easier.

Ground Transport

First Class and Business Class passengers will enjoy a complimentary limousine ride from the airport tothe hotel, home or business they designate. Limousine service is also available to Voyager Class passengers at a reasonable fee. In addition, their personnel can give you advice and information on the best public transportation available, as well as making group arrangements.


When you book your hotel through Baltia, you are taking advantage of the best deals available with the finest hotels.

Car Rental

Baltia offers the best rates with quality car rental companies. Plus, it`s fast and easy to book through their Reservations agents.

Art and Performances

When arriving at an over seas destination, it is empowering to have a local arts and entertainment expert at your service. Consider it Baltia. Our passenger service staff can tell you about current art exhibitions, shows and other entertainment. Even better, they can help get you tickets at a fairprice!


Baltia passenger service personnel can also recommend the finest restaurants and cafés at their destinations and assist you with reservations.


Our staff is knowledgeable about different tours at their destinations and can help arrange a tourfor a single passenger or a group. Let us help you see what you want to see and find a great value as well.


Baltia Air Lines has valuable local contacts. It is their pleasure to serve you and help you in everyway possible. Please do not hesitate to ask us when you need information, a lead or an introduction. Even if the staff member that you speak with does not have a ready answer, Baltia representatives will work together to find what you need quickly and efficiently.

Club Baltia

Club Baltia services are complimentary to Firstand Business Class passengers.

Airport Lounge

In the relaxing atmosphere of their airport lounge,Baltia staff members will wait on you, serving snacksand beverages. They are also there to assist you withconnections and reservations for hotels, restaurants, theater tickets and other travel-related matters.

Business Center

For passengers who may wish to take care of last-minute business, Baltia has a business center located in a private section of their lounge with skilled administrative and secretarial staff to assist you.

Personal Chauffeur

First Class ? Prior to departure, an appropriately attired chauffeur will arrive at your home, hotel, or office. He or she will pick up your luggage and drive you to the airport in a limousine. At the terminal ramp, a member of their staff will then greet you and personally escort you to Club Baltia check-in.

First and Business Class ? When arriving at your destination, a chauffeur will meet you and drive you to your home, hotel or office. At the Customs exit, a member of their staff will be on hand should you need assistance.

Jet Connection

Through their partners, they can arrange a business jet or helicopter service in conjunction with a Baltia flight. Their Reservations and Club Baltia staff will provide you details on the availability and rates, and make the necessary arrangements. You can also apply your Freeloadermiles for a Jet Connection.

In cooperation with their partners, Baltia offers exciting,culturally oriented vacation packages to their customers.Baltia Vacations will be tailored not only to meet your expectations, but to exceed them. For details, please contact Baltia Reservations.

Imperial Vacation

Imperial Vacation packages are designed for those travelers who desire romantic luxury. Packages include the finest accommodations,dining and exquisite cultural opportunities.

Family Vacation

Especially designed for families with teens, these enlightening and entertaining vacations are culturally oriented with lots of fun things to see and do for the entire family. Packages include fine accommodations, dining, theater, museum, attractions and more.

Explorers Vacation

Explore culture, science, art; meet people, make friends, build relationshipsfor the future. Their Explorer Vacations are designed for budget-minded travelers who also want comfortand quality. They are particularly well suited foracademic and professional groups as well as studentgroups (high school and college) with accompanyingfaculty.

NewMeaning of Time

Their Personnel is Working Around Your Schedule!

For the convenience and peace of mind of their passengers, Baltia does everything possible to adhere to stated departure and arrival times. They give truemeaning to the terms departure and arrival time.

?Departure? is that point in time when passengers stop boarding (aircraftdoors are closed).

?Arrival? is that point in time when passengers begin to disembark (aircraftdoors are open).
Their Reasoning

Baltia`s departure and arrival procedures are set up for your convenience.

When Baltia publishes its schedule, Baltia is in effect telling its passengers that if he or she can get to the gate by the scheduled departure time, they will be able to board the aircraft. They think that is logical. They don`t believe that you should have to remember petty rules, like arriving at your gate 30, 45 or 60 minutes early, or else.

To help ensure that you don`t miss your flight,however, they do recommend that you arrive at the terminal with sufficient time to check in, go through security and walk to the gate, with still some time to spare. In order not to make the journey aboard the airplanelonger than necessary, Baltia commences boarding not more than 30 minutes before the flight and will continueto board up to the scheduled departure time.

For an arriving passenger, as well as their familyand friends who are waiting at the terminal for theirflight to arrive, arrival time has meaning onlywhen passengers are actually stepping off the aircraft.

Baltia Rooster

The rooster is their symbol of reliability. Dating back to Roman times, a rooster was universally recognizedas a symbol of punctuality and dependability. For these same qualities, Baltia`s founder chose the rooster to represent their new airline.

Throughout American history, the rooster has beenan icon, particularly in New York. On the bright,sunny day of May 24th, 1883, the Brooklyn Bridgewas officially opened in New York, and the first person to cross the bridge carried a live roosteras a sign of victory and accomplishment. She was Emily Roebling, the wife of famed civil engineer Washington Roebling who supervised construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. Emily was so instrumental in her husband`s work she was given the honor of traversing the bridge first from Brooklyn to Manhattan. As she rode across in horse-drawn carriage with the rooster in her arms, all the men who had been working on the bridge raised their hats in triumphand cheered the historic moment.

But there`s more to their rooster story. In European folklore, a golden rooster is also a goodluck charm. Just look skyward. Ever vigilant and watching over all, the rooster sits a top many spires and buildings in New York City as well as on church towers throughout Europe. You can also see the revered image on countless weather vanes of homes all overthe countryside.

One of the largest and most grand rooster effigies in the world is the golden roosterperched a top the spire of St. Peter`s Church in Riga, Latvia. The church was once the tallest building in Europe before the Eiffel Tower was erected. Over 360 feet up in the air, the golden rooster is the size of a horse.
Contact Information
Public relations:

Bob Strom
Vice President Public Relations
Tel (818) 216-1103

Investor relations:

Barry Clare
Vice President, Finance
Tel (212) 464-8201

Corporate address:

Baltia Air Lines, Inc.
63-25 Saunders St, Ste 7I
Rego Park, NY 11374

Tel (718) 275-5205
Fax (718) 275-4731

Base of operations:

Baltia Air Lines
Terminal 4
John F. Kennedy Int`l Airport

Tel (718) 751-4999
Fax (718) 751-4998--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Delta Makes First Move for 2008 China Routes with Filing for New Nonstop Flights between Atlanta and Shanghai

Route would boost trade and tourism worldwide by connecting the world's largest airline hub in Atlanta with China’s financial capital

Delta Air Lines today filed an application with the U.S. Department of Transportation to offer customers the first and only nonstop flights between the world’s largest airline hub in Atlanta and China’s commercial and financial capital of Shanghai.  The application officially launches Delta’s case for entry into the U.S.-China market under the 2004 U.S.-China Air Services Agreement.

“Delta is without question the best choice for the next airline designation to China,” said Delta CEO Gerald Grinstein. “As the airline serving more worldwide destinations than any other carrier and as the steward of the world’s largest airline hub in Atlanta, we are confident that this new route will provide a significant boost to trade and tourism worldwide and unparalleled access for customers traveling to and from China.

“Delta’s new flights to Shanghai will also fill a critical void in air travel today – the lack of service between the Southeastern United States and China and the lack of U.S. carrier service between the Eastern U.S. and Shanghai – by providing improved access for customers in more than 130 destinations across the United States,” Grinstein said.

Delta’s service would provide a much-needed link between fast-growing communities in the Southeastern U.S. and economies across mainland China.  In the filing, Delta proposes to provide customers with daily, year-round nonstop service between Atlanta and Shanghai, beginning March 25, 2008.

“Delta's filing is just the latest in a long line of good news coming from our hometown airline," Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue said. "Delta's international focus is a tremendous complement to our new Global Georgia initiative, and in particular, the opening of our office in China this year. We will continue to support this great Georgia company as it connects our state to new destinations across the world, boosting Georgia’s economic development and tourism efforts."

The 55 million people in the Southeastern United States are dramatically underserved in terms of nonstop and one-stop service to China. Delta stands ready to fill this void by offering the world’s first nonstop service from the Southeast via Atlanta by 2008, and is actively working with government, civic and business leaders on both continents to make it happen. This includes providing technical aviation assistance to the Chinese in the areas of air traffic services and flight routing, working with numerous Chinese organizations to lay the groundwork for a successful service launch, attending multiple conferences and workshops focused on China air service in the U.S. and assisting in establishing a consular office for Atlanta in China.

“China is one of the most significant export markets for Georgia and the Southeastern United States.  We will continue to strengthen our relationship with the People’s Republic of China to help us achieve our long-term goals of winning the next consulate, new passenger air routes and new business,” said Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin.  “Delta Air Lines – Atlanta’s hometown carrier – combined with the strength of the world’s largest hub at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, is well positioned to provide positive customer and economic benefits with the new nonstop service to Shanghai.”

Delta has been active in the China market since 1987 and continues to expand its presence to serve this growing market. In September 2006, Delta opened its third China sales office in Shanghai, complementing existing offices in Beijing and Guangzhou.

"Delta's application for nonstop service between Atlanta and Shanghai will link for the first time the capital of the New South with the business and financial capital of Asia.  The Southeast has long been denied nonstop access to China, and I look forward to working to ensure the Department of Transportation maintains its precedent of opening new gateways to underserved areas of the country," said U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson.

Added U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, "This new route to China from Atlanta will greatly benefit Georgia, and it will be a particular boon to my congressional district, which is home to more Delta employees than any other. With the Chinese market growing rapidly, there will be a growing demand for these routes. Increasing travel between Atlanta and Shanghai will make Georgia an even more attractive place to locate a business. Given the fact that access for U.S. carriers to Chinese markets is still very limited, this new route puts our region at a distinct advantage when it comes to doing business with China. As the only Georgian on the House Transportation Committee and its Aviation Subcommittee, I'll continue to support efforts such as this that open up great opportunities for Georgia."

Delta would provide daily nonstop service between Atlanta and Shanghai using its flagship Boeing 777 aircraft in a two-class configuration featuring BusinessElite, Delta’s award-winning business class service.  Additionally, Delta plans to introduce fully horizontal lie-flat seats on its Boeing 777 fleet beginning in 2008, with new in-seat entertainment system offering on-demand, digital video and music at every suite and a reclining seat that adjusts to multiple comfort positions, including a completely flat surface that offers customers a 6-foot 3-inch bed.

“Direct air routes are critical to building global commerce, and we applaud Delta’s longtime commitment to opening doors for Atlanta around the world. The Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce fully supports Delta Air Lines in its quest to win a direct air route between Atlanta and Shanghai, China’s business center,” said Sam A. Williams, president, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. “Delta is well positioned to compete for a designation to serve China in 2008, and we look forward to working with them and other key partners to win this route.”

Delta looks forward to expanding its cooperation with codeshare partner and future SkyTeam member China Southern to connect passengers beyond Shanghai to numerous other business and tourist destinations throughout China.

Delta’s flagship hub at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the world’s largest airline hub. Delta and the Delta Connection carriers offer nearly 1,000 peak-day departures to 243 nonstop destinations from Atlanta – more nonstop flights and destinations than any airline hub in the world.  Delta’s Atlanta hub is one of the fastest growing international gateways in the United States, with more than 20 new international markets added in the last year.  Atlanta is the home of Delta’s largest international hub with flights to 72 international destinations in 45 countries.

Delta Air Lines (Other OTC: DALRQ) offers customers service to more destinations than any global airline with Delta and Delta Connection carrier service to 304 destinations in 52 countries.  With more than 50 new international routes added in the last year, Delta is America’s fastest growing international airline and is a leader across the Atlantic with flights to 31 trans-Atlantic destinations.  To Latin America and the Caribbean, Delta offers nearly 600 weekly flights to 58 destinations.  Delta's marketing alliances also allow customers to earn and redeem SkyMiles on more than 14,000 flights offered by SkyTeam and other partners. Delta is a founding member of SkyTeam, a global airline alliance that provides customers with extensive worldwide destinations, flights and services. Including its SkyTeam and worldwide codeshare partners, Delta offers flights to 457 worldwide destinations in 97 countries. Customers can check in for flights, print boarding passes and check flight status at

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